I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter to all of You

Sweet Illumination is what we have today. My friends, in the darkness that comes over our emotions in Lent we remember what is the darkness in life. The darkness is an absense of Light, we all know the darkness, but now most certainly we know the Light. The Light has been revealed to us.
Stand in this light, be illuminated. Stand in the presence of Our Lord this morning, evening, and Glory in the presence of the King. Behold the sweet essence that comes from blood, clothe, and an empty tomb. An essence so beautiful and REAL that I may gaze upon His face in the morning and evening. Can it be made known all over the Earth the spring that He brings with Him into the lives of those that are His. A Spring so right to taste.

Jesus you were, you are, you always will be a perfect servant, give us a picture of your face and show us the magic, wonder, and spleandor of your Grace that you have poured out on us, and through all of these things you reveal who you are and who yor father in heaven truly are. Again I will say you are a perfect servant, so perfect a servant that you were perfect unto death. Reveal to us tenderness, and remove from us all sorts of selfishness that taint what you want us to be; perfect servants. Jesus you were, are, and always will be a perfect servant to us. Daily it is our task to do this, because of your Grace, to all of those that are yours on this Earth. Who truly is out of your reach and cannot be called your creation? If it is no one, then it is our charge knowing all that was, is, and will be revealed to us this day, the Day of Life, to take the message of all of these things into our lives and present them to the lives of all of those people that we are near.
Fulfill this Lord in the hands of those people that through your death you have called us to be servants of you, just like you are a servant to us. You call us to be your servants on this day ( should I say more greatly on this day than any other day?) in the perfection that you showered on us from that beautifuly hideous Cross. Jesus give us hearts to be servants. We are yours God, Lord, Savior.
It is by The Blood, the Blood of the Lamb. This Blood washes me and all of us. Listen to me as I talk of this Blood friends. It is only by this blood that Christ made the attonment for my soul and for yours and this is the way that it shall always be. How great is this Blood and that God simply did not leave our baptism of water. Shall I remind you about the perfect Servant that gave us this Blood? A perfect Servant to death on a cross so that he may face Death, and anounce to the world that there is no longer a need for Death. This thing that once had power in the life of all men was, is, and always will be beaten, and how? It is only by Blood, The Blood, that we are washed clean, and this is how it will always be. Again I remind you on this day to remember the pools that drip-dropped into existance under the hands of our Savior on the ground. The Skull quenched by the Blood of one man, a hill on which so many we taken to be slain in the same way, but not the same.
But no more talk of death here, for how can I continue to talk of death when there is life. What rules our life now, it is no death, but Life. Life Illuminated, Light given through death which all men fear when they have not stepped into Light and Life. For men death is darkness, for Christ death is the beginning of Life. We have been shown the measure of the Grace from this God that we worhip and glorify. What is the measurment? It is being revealed to us now and always, from the beginning of when time was counted to this very day, and verily I tell you the day that we are all standing before Him.

I shall speak again of this Perfect Servant. He is Risen, Indeed it is True. He has fulfilled all prophecy.


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