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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Slippity Slop Flip Flop

I really cannot explain the title, but it is fun to say and who needs more. In the seriousness of study and mental preperation that these kids are going through all around me I am starting to realize why I never was a real nose in the books guy. Granted I was not the worst student and out of all the male DCE's that came out of my class I think that I was the only one that actually finished all of the course requirments in four years. I was always average in classes, never blowing the doors off the bell curve or the minds of professors when they read my responses on exams. But I was an A, B student and always had a lot of fun in whatever I did.
When I come here though and see the ways these kids study it makes me wonder what my grades and life would look like now had I put a tade more effort into my studies. I do not regret in the least the way I have done things, but I certainly will look at future education in a different way now that I have been here and observed what it (education) means in other countries. I plan on going to a university again sometime and getting a Masters, whether here or in America I do not know, but somewhere and sometime it is going to happen. When I go I will be sure to have a little more nose in the books and not too many feet on the basketball court, or arms in the weight room, or beers in the bar...

Now on the extremem other hand from my lack of nose booking in college I need to tell everyone that reads this to pray for me, for strength and encouragement and a clear mind for me, and for the Men and Women I am praying for pray that their hearts and minds will have the veil of Satans lie lifted or ripped away from in front of their eyes and lives. Every night I have committed to go to the LDS ward that is right down the street and pray my guts out for all of the people that are in there. SO many of them are young Taiwanese mena dn women that are lured in by free English and then indoctrinated with the "gospel" from my LDS friends. Ladies and Gentleman for as much as I see God, THE GOD, at work in this place there is 50 times as much work being done by Lucifer the Angel of the Morning. He has captured the entire mind of this island locked it away in a small box made of iron, clasped a great lock to seal it tight, and just as it is beginning to rust to the point of being able to sneak a peak inside, he fills the gap with ehse men and women here to spread a different lie.
With the LC-MS firmly establishing that they are pulling their efforts out of Taiwan for the time being, because even though we are supposed to be Ablaze in telling people about the Christ, it is apparent they want numbers in the church and not just to tell the word, at least in my humble opinion. Should I rant? I must not.
What is happening every night when I walk up to the frint steps of that building. Sometimes there will be people standing in the hallway that I can look down from one end to the other like a spotting scope on the deck of a great sea faring English ship of war Captained by Jack Aubrey.
I get there and say a preperatory prayer before I really pray, that my mind will be clear and free from the temptations and traps of the devil. Then I launch into my petitions for the changing of the hearts and minds of all people that are gathered under the roof. I need help from you, say these prayers for them.


  • At 12:46 AM , Blogger bluegrassjunkywrites said...

    I wish that I had your address to write to you a real letter. For now, let me just say that God does work in mysterious ways. It's been a shock and blessing to keep in touch. And, reading your blog helps me to get out of my bubble. I praise God for your will, determination, and honesty as you work in Taiwan. Forgive me for ever doubting you.
    The LDS prayers, right on. I will pray. I will pray, and I will hope for people to really have a relationship with our God, our Jesus, our everything.
    I encourage you to continue what God has placed in your heart. What God is doing through you has humbled me and brings me to tears. I know that the whole girl emotions thing we once talked about and you seemed freaked out by a former girl in your life, but these tears are peeling away my walls from ministry and reaching in to bring me back out.
    AHHH. I am just rambling.
    Anywho, I will pray for you this day and I look forward to reading some more Sam-a-roo.
    God's Love endures forever.

  • At 8:29 AM , Blogger visor said...

    Sam, you're my Joshua! A warrior in God's hands.


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