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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On the verge

Yesterday was perhaps one of the most trying and long days I have had in a while. I love the mornings on my Tuesdays. I get to wake up early and get to school and start the day with an independent study session with two students who sought me out to help them with their writing skills. I would like to think that my writing skills are better than my conversation skills, even though I am not really trained in any way to be a writing teacher (which I would love to change) but I do like to help students here expand their vocabulary and creativity in writing. Joanne and Lucy came and went and then so did my time for relaxation or breathing for that matter. Three more classes after my one hour session early in the morning. By the time I had a chance to say hello to another non Taiwanese I was 4 classes down and 2 more to go.
As I said earlier I love my mornings here at the school. The reason; I get to glide into the mornings now instead of rolling into them. There is something about that 15 minutes prior to walking through the doors of this office that I now sit in, and rolling out of bed 15 minutes before I am needed in class. What is it about time that you have to get mentally ready for a day of mental exhaustion, wait a second...
Then the afternoon comes on Tuesday, which is not the most unpleasant thing everyday of the week, but today there was somethign in the lunch that made the students nuts-O. My seventh period class was a failure for trying to teach anythign new, which is what I really needed to do, but in respect to the title of the class we achieved the goal, we had tons and tons of English conversation. We talked about, well anything that got brought up, sang some songs, learned a little Taiwanese, and talked a little about what will happen to them next year. All in all not a total failure but surely a test in patience seeing as how I was a tired puppy and nothing was going to plan, at least my plan, for the period.
Then to have another class that is split between students that take my class seriously and others that do not, and yesterday the minority of the serious and studious struck a crippling blow into the heart of the lax attentive. Electing Grace, a meek girl, to be the official president of the class and striking a little fear with her address that mentioned she wanted her classmates to be more serious about their studying. So during thr course of the class I had 6 students try to slip "ass" by me in a presentation, adn then they tried to slip through punishment by saying they did not understand it was a bad word which I knew was a lie because of the reaction of the class and the group when the word was said. So 30 sentences for each student standing outside the class for the remainder of our time together was the punishment, and a declaration of, "now you know it is not a word to use." Spilt feelings each students had, some pissed, others actually a what seemed a little delighted they were caught, like they had been waiting to see if I had a backbone of discipline. The day ended with 6 students peering in from the outside, 2 others in the teachers lounge nose to nose for sleeping in class without anything in their possesion, nothing just in class sleeping.
To cap off the day, a round of Basketball that turned into something unlike basketball. A vitories fist pump for a kid that will remember that game for his whole life, which is something I love to see, a bible study and extreme prayer time for myself for personal strength, and another 15 minutes to glide.


  • At 12:03 AM , Blogger Mandi said...

    I played Scrabble with some students today and one totally tried the f-bomb. I was in complete shock. This kid doesn't even know how to conjugate "to be" for "he, she, and I" but he knows the f-bomb??!?! What the deal yo?

    The other students clearly knew what was up before I could cover it, but seriously. This class is one of my worst as far as behavior and skill go. I used to attribute their lackluster performance as poor skill in the English language, but I now know better...

  • At 5:56 AM , Blogger bluegrassjunkywrites said...

    Long time no chat. Chris K. told me about your blog. Wow! You are busy.
    I hope that you are doing well and enjoying some adventure, okay, a ton of adventure.
    God's Peace.

  • At 9:24 AM , Blogger bluegrassjunkywrites said...

    Yep, you are Sam. And I am Cristine Schafer. No H.
    God's Blessings.


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