I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

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How about this. The enlightenment of those that are slaves. Can this really happen? Slaves becoming elightened even though their every movement is controlled by the one they call Master. It does happen, in fact it is happening in me. What is the fear in man about control? Is there a fear, well of course their is. The fear of control has stemmed many revolts and reforms over the course of the recorded history of this world, but what is the stigma and negative conotation given to control all about? Number one reason. Man is the source of most all the control in recorded history. The reason for the negative conotation, because all man is sinful, yes even Christian man. Now what of the control of God?
Once there was a place and a time when all things were perfect (this also perhaps to some people is not historical and therefore doesnt apply to their self prescribed "truth" or life which is solely dependant on the realms of human reason and logic, but man in his history has never had more reason and logic than, well man). Nonethless since this is my entry and anyone is free to disagree (edit) they can. In this perfec ttime and place there was an absolute lack of suffering, a time when all people were draw to their magnificant, the God. In this time the slaves of God were absolutly obidient to God and controlled by Him and they were enlightened by Him. There was no fear of this control, because they needed not fear to stay controlled they were controlled by God, but without fear, without any reasoning they were controlled, unbelieveable this truly is. But the same it is, in some parallels for sure these days. We, humans, are controlled by two masters, one more than others in certain cases, and flip flopping. Sinful and Divine natures. This is what all human existance can be lumped into. If you like, the regenerate and unregenerate being, unborn and reborn.
If I am in an unregenerate state I am unconcisous to the things of this life that are divine because I know not what they are nor what they will bring. I am happy in my folly and non understanding of the light, and in fact think I am in the light but it is the light of my own mind and I rest in my undersatnding thinking it is the end all of what walks on earth. I am happy in my findings and curse those and think of them weakminded beings they are anyone who has to believe or have faith in something supernatural to, "cleanse" them. I can laugh heartily at those men and women that do not cling to their undersatnding but flock to the teaching of a "greater" being in their mind.
Regenerate beings are not controlled by this unregenerate mind, but instead are contolled by the spirit of God, and wrestle endlessly with the evil that is scorched into the flesh of all man, how can we be totally freed of what man is until the day we are dead and released of the flesh? Indeed it is not until death that the regenerate man has his final victory in life. Alas we are doomed to struggle with the evil that lurks in the shadows of our heart, this evil pushes us to do terrible things, but these things are forgiven by the master, wiped away. This leaves some men to say I will sin always and always be forgiven, but this is the thought of an unregenerate man. For the mind of a man controlled, and elightened by the spirit cannot stand the sight or deeds of evil but is constant tension with these actions and feelings.
These of course are not new thoughts and anyone that reads the bible everyday would know them. Infact even a person that has read the Bible few times is capable of drawing such conclusions from it. We are all just simple folks here though (edit) and we have few thoughts of anything higher than God, because there is nothing higher.


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