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Friday, March 31, 2006

Love, an exposition

In the short amount of time that I have to get this out of thought and onto a more tangible medium I will try at some kind of length issue a statement about love, and more to the point the love of Christ that he has given to me, making it my love, but not just to me but to all people even those that would reject said love and walk on it as if it were the mat infront of a swine bathers home.
Love, as it were, can be made into whatever one person is looking for. As a friend was so saying at another place and at another time. You can find what you are looking for when you want to find it and you can label it what you want. That is the beauty of the freedom of the mind and thought in most places that are still abiding in, or newly introduced to... Democracy? Would we call it the Democracy of the mind?
Love as it has been made in several cases is a cruel thing, we see it in relationships with abusive Husbands and Wives, Mothers and Fathers, Daughters and Brothers, extending to all realms of nuclear and extended family, and in fact transcending family to schools, offices, and other surroundings. Love has qualifications in itself, it (Love) can not be all encompassing and total, at least one kind of Love. Right? Lets take a look in brief.
Philios, a love of brotherhood, i.e. Philadelphia: the city of brotherly love. Is certainly not the same kind of love as Eros (love) as we will discuss in later parts. Philios is plutonic love that can exist between anyone, man and woman through age and nationality; Galactic Love. Most of us would share this love with a high school or University friend that you were of like mind and constitution with. You share stories and tales, nowadays you email regularaly or not regularly makes no difference. This type of love is evoked on warm summer afternoons around a BBQ or a pool, where a neighborhood can come together and take part in fun and activities. Enough examples? OK lets move on.

Then there is of course the ever growing in popularity Eros kind of love. This is of course the love that is only naturally shared between a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage, but throughout time Eros glides over to adulterous and homosexual relations. Eros is a physical love that is displayed in a relationship, this kind of love is not fulfilled on an intillectual ground like what Philios is, this kind of love is filled by the physical consumation of a relationship, Sex and sexual activity, no sense in dubbing anything down now.
Eros is prevalent now as a naturally fun and zesty part of any relationship, marital or non marital, but in fact it is only reserved by those that are bound by a love that is greater than Philios and Eros this love is of course Agape.

Now of course there will be someone to ask the question at some point after running across this entry. Can one have a long term loving relationship based soley on Eros or Philios, sure, why not. I am sure there have been a ton of relationships in our time and in times past and in fact many in future times that will be based on things other than the love I am getting ready to expound at brevity on. The next few paragraphs are slammed with the word sacrifice, sacrificed, and self sacrifice. Go into them with whatever mindset you want, like I said my friend said, you can find what you want where you want when you want and there is nothing this entry will do to stop that. But know this, without this third love, a relationship is an empty vessel, as much as is pains me to tell the truth so bluntly and anger I am sure someone. A marital relationship and, well...any other relationship that you want to expand past the afforementioned loves, needs Aqape.

Agape a third kind or love, and the end all, as it could be called, of love. What sets agape apart from any other kind of love? It is a self sacrificing love that is relentless in its sacrifice. Of course now we must further explire the realm and word, the actual defenition of sacrifice. Sacrifice I should say in this case is meant as a self sacrifice, a sacrifice of everythign that the present age has told us to value above anythign else, the Self. Self study, self help, Self has become the obsession f a generation and it has swept from Eurpoe to America and now to other reaches of the globe. Self sacrifice though, this is an idea that was ever so popular thousands of years ago, and it was not sacrifice to another human (something else I should say, in your mind are you viewing a bloody style of sarcrifice? Something out of the pages of a Cortez exploritory journal of the Aztec lands and customs sacrifice. Or more to the point a Roman turn of time sacrifice that was perfomed time in and time out after conquering a new land of the trial of a (so called) criminal?) but to a being that trancended understanding then and today, God. Most likely people who read this will not shutter at the mention of God and love and their hand and hand walk.
All love is divine, coming from God, but like many other perfect-at-one-point relationships man has corrupted love in his search of elightenment in the darkness.
Agape came later, after a long prologue fulfilled over the course of a short lifetime and shown to a world in the dark. Agape was given at the expense of life to show us the sacrifice necessary for life and love and the hopeless nature of man to fulfill this love that is the end all. Agape is a kind of love that even now is unexplainable in its entire nature and that yes is controling over the mind and body of those that are Enlightened, from light, to its truth. Agape which has a name, Christ.



  • At 12:33 AM , Blogger bluegrassjunkywrites said...

    Sam, I guess that I am your 'commenter' lol.
    Beautiful. I so needed to read that. It's good to know that God can overcome myself and others. That has been the core of my ceaseless prayers this day.
    By the way, what did you mean by, "Most likely people who read this will not shutter at the mention of God and love and their hand and hand walk."?
    Well, my lunch break is over, gotta run.

  • At 1:48 AM , Blogger Mandi said...

    Sam, I really don't have a comment for this post. Just that I liked it.

    I never really knew what Agape really meant in the clinical, definitive meaning, but your post really laid out the definitions of these 3 loves quite well. A friend of mine is a missionary in France and their program is called...drumroll please....Agape. Now I know why. What a great way to sum up what you're all about with one word.


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