I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Somber mood of Lent

If you could love me as a wife,
and for our wedding gift, your life.
Should that be all I'd ever need,
or is there more I'm looking for?

And should I read between the lines,
and look for blessings in disguse.
To make me handsome, rich, and wise.
Is that really what you want?

I am a whore I do confess,
But I put you on just like a wedding dress
and run down the isle, run down the isle.
I'm a prodigal with no way home
but I put you one like a ring of gold
and I run on down the isle to you.

So could you love this bastard child?
Though I don't trust you to provide.
With one hand in a pot of gold,
and with the other in your side.

I am so easily satisfied,
by the call of lovers so less wild,.
That I would take a little cash
Over your very flesh and blood.

Because money cannot buy
a husband's jealous eye.
When you have knowingly decieved his wife.

(Derek Webb, Wedding Dress)

There is a perfect feeling to these words. As we proceed forth to the coming Crucifixtion of Christ we must first stop and realize Sin. In my time here I have become more intune with my sinful side and how to combat that which I hate. This is the time that I break apart what I thought was a righteous life, I delve into the Law and curse the sinful flesh that I choose to follow more than the Spirit of Adoption and Righteousness.
I hope in this time you feel the impending suffering that you put Christ through because of your sin. I hope you dwell on the Anguish he felt, the Crushing Weight that Broke all the bones of His body. I hope you meditate on the beads of blood that fell from the Puncture wounds Torn into His brow with unrelentless pressure. Breathe in a deep breathe as the weight of your cross is raised onto your shoulder and dropped with bone shaking force, and you realize it is outside of your strength to carry such a load, and find yourself on your knees, now and for the next 39 days.


  • At 12:17 AM , Blogger Princess said...

    What would a lady ask more if she get poem like this, just like God, what would our almighty God ask more if we can give our life to Him, especially for this season, always remind us how much God loves us, He even sent His son without sin died for us, although we are sinful, but because of Jesus, we become new one again.
    Thank you God!


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