I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Rhyming Three Sillies...

It is only by the sheer Grace of God that I am here to write this this to you. Not because I have endured some long hardship at risk of losing life or limb, or that I have seen the light at the end of some death rattling sickness. I am on the crumbly edge of another semester of teaching and another semester of growing in what God has done in me, and what He will hopefully and prayerfully do through me.
Back from the holiday in a bittersweet attitude I was until this morning when I walked to the floors that my classes are on. In the midst of tackling new books and figuring out their new classes, and finishing all of the homework they had over their break, my students shot to the door in hopes of asking me about my trip, where I went, "do you have pictures?", "did you get a girlfriend?"
Yes I got great pictures and no, not yet for that other one.

Here is a call out to anyone from college that reads this and tha tis concerned about me turning into what a friend of mine called, "diaper wearing comatose bible beating vagabond," or something like that. I am fine, I am not in diapers yet, and have been getting along just fine in my adaptation to my new position in faith without as some people might think, a "negative" swing in my personality. I am swingin and kickin just like I did in college.
Who in the world would I be and what kind of faith would I have and what kind of God do I worship that would let me come back from this place as the exact same man as when I left. I am being transformed daily, yes into a diaper wearing, scripture beating, spouting, breathing vagabond. What a blessing to be called this by my friend I now think, to be totally out of touch with this world in the depths of thought about the Word given to us in the beginning and until the end. Truly if it were as my friend said you would not be getting this retort to his comments.
  • Are you the same person you were in College/University or High School? (Apply where needed)
I truly hope not, I hope you have grown and seen how you have changed, looked at the path you have walked and seen the dips and rubble in the way, how you have overcome, I pray, and moved on down the line. Peace to all of you as I am off to sit in another section of school meetings on this first day back, lunch breaks always feel too short.

going, just...


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