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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sports Entry

If there is one thing that has embarrassed me more than anything in the past it has been the Miami (FL) and Florida International fight that took place this weekend in College football. I have heard comment from both of the sides of the spectrum, One person saying, "Man I wanted to run down on the field and be a part of it!" And that got him fired from his position as a commentator. Another banning each team for playing for the following year of college football.
Why is it shameful to me, in Taiwan. Because it made it on the freaking news here in Taiwan. I am sitting at lunch adn there it is, a Brawl on a college football field with close-ups of 18-22 year old idiot boxes stomping each other, swinging helmets and body slamming each other. Now, if I had been in America, I would have wanted Sportcenter to aire a 30 minute loop of this thing so I could see it from all angles. But here, realizing the impact ignorance in our society has on my relationships here, I hate to see this and am shammed that NCAA sports has allowed athletics get this bad in some places.
Stupid clowns.


  • At 2:52 AM , Blogger visor said...

    I too was disgusted by the violent and infantile behavior of these sports athelets and I can only hope that they are suspended for the year from football, that their scholarships are also suspended, and that they be required to go to Jr. Highs and high schools and have the loop of their behavior played for students to see and then be required to provide an explanation of why such behavior is unacceptable, not only on the sports field but in all arenas of life.


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