I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Work and Working

Baseball season is around the corner and I would have never thought about watching baseball for fun before I came to Taiwan. I did not like the game at all when I was six and tried to play, I would say I had not yet developed the right appreciation for the skill set involved in playing. Well I still have no appreciation, not because I am against baseball players completely, I just use them for their fantasy stats, thats all.
So come on Jose Reyes and David Wright lead those Mets to the Series. It all comes down to the draft order in my book. If I thought I had a chance at Ryan Howard or Albert Pujols, I would talk about them, but I never get the 1,2,3,4 guys in a draft, so I am hoping on Wright and Reyes being early round sleepers, I like my chances. I am going with young talent, hopefully snagging a superstar here or there, I only need one, and there are more than 20 in the draft. But each year is different.


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