I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Too Much of Too Much

There seems to be fewer and fewer days in the week, hours in the day, minutes in the hour and so on. Well enough being left alone to do what I do, the Holy Spirit has moved me to write in this thing I promise to write in more faithfully and then renounce that agreement with myself and all you, if there are any of you left.
Much has been happening. Where to start where to start, how

This past weekend, since this is about as fresh in my mind as my clothes I washed two days ago and have been sitting on the floor in my room are, we went on a vacation to Kaoshung, pronounced, Gow-Shung, for Double 10 day. Double 10 day is interesting because no one that I talked to while on vacacation really could tell me why there was a holiday, what it was to celebrate, or any of the, what I would consider in my Western way of thinking, pertinant info. It was a great experience in the different mindsets of American and Taiwanese bretheren. I wanted to relax, the translation of relaxation is a little cloudy. WE went to as many fun places as we could to play and see the sights in about a 24 hour period, great fun and I am much wiser for going. Plus I got to chill out, watch baseball and smoke a Habana Cigar, while sipping a Cuba Libra, how many of you were doing that last weekend? Maybe more than I think...enough of this? You're right. Lets move one.

Homesickess, lets talk about it. What is it? The longing and nagging feeling you get in your stomach when you are thinking abou the items, people, and pleasures you left in one place to take on an adventure to another place. Well some things that have set off my homesickness, (1) College Football, the NFL, and MLB seasons openning and closing without any real sports bars around here. (2) No real places to hangout other than, here and church. That is about it right now, but I am glad I am finally sensing something other than the shock and awe of the humidity here in Taiwan! The food is great, the beer is good, but here is where I have to draw the line. When I go outside in the morning and this is the first thing running through my mind, "Ya know. I should've put deodorant on my balls." Gross, AHh; I am sorry for that, too late I cannot delete it. Moving on? Lets do it.

I think I will have to interenally diagnose myself now in a short section I am going to call, "Aliens abducted me and after their experiments on my left big toe; set me on a rock in the middle of the big blue and green and brown Earth with no regard for my delicate frame of mind." The End No of course this is not the end.
By my best guesstimation I am reverting back to a little more of a dominate take charge position within my personality and the realm it is encapsulated for this short stint. I am tryin to overachieve in certain aspects of life here in Taiwan that I consider to be important in an authoritarian sort of way. I am trying to make myself out to be a leader without actually leading in anything significant, I feel the deep well of pride I have been cursed and blessed with well up and over and I am trying rekindle the Drought of pride I thought I was living in, but what are we molded my the mountain or the valley? The time of ellation (sp) or anxiety and strife; which is the source of my spiritual wrinkles? I would say the valleys, for how tried is your faith in the time of ellation? I think what I am trying to say is I love Fruit, I love it...Stay with me.

The fruit here is amazing, just about anything I could want, that is considered tropical in the U.S. I can go down the street and buy from a lady who goes in her backyard and gathers a few baskets full and then comes to a street corner to sell it. Guava, Star Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, etc. etc. etc. Increbile I tell you, and the fruit goes right along with the cake it is so many tims laid upon.

Time for the explanation of random pictures through this entry, they're random.


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