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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Prayers for Sunday

Prayers of the Church

L: Faith.
Trust in God through Christ.
It is not 'believing where we cannot prove', but rather the conviction and confident trust in a God who has proved himself to be utterly reliable and faithful.

C: Oh God, you have given us Faith through your Son, you have shown your faithfulness to us; let us daily show our faith in You!

L: Love.
Without love it is possible to be orthodox, but not Christian. Love for all God's people includes the radicals, the fundamentalists, the liberals, the Protestants, the Catholics. Love for Christ, and love for others, cannot exist without each other. We love him as much, no more, as the one we love least.

C: Oh Lord, you have given us Hearts to Love, help us use them!

L: Thankfulness.
God deserves to be praised for his creation. If God has taken pains over His Creation, then as we see the Creation from God's perspective, our response must be to praise and thank him. But second, when we look at things God's way, no one is a hopeless case. We focus on possibilities rather than difficulties. We stop praying from the darkness of our own shadows. Unfortunately we are, to some extent, 'visually handicapped' and our perspectives of others are distorted. When we understand the value of the other to God, then we will be more thankful.

C: Oh God give your Church the eyes to see, and the tongues to Praise your Creation!

L: Hope, is the antithesis of despair.
Knowing God means knowing our destiny - so hope isn't something creating itself in a void. Hope is one of the three great realities along with faith and love that will last forever. It is the strong conviction that the God who was with his people in the past will be with them now and forever.

C: Oh Lord, our Hope is in the Name of You! Our Hope will last forever!

L: Gracious Father, as we come together we pray for the whole nation of believers, specifically we want to pray for;
Family, both believers and non-believers, that our experience here would be a reassurance for the kingdom of believers; for the non-believers who would see our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus and be open to the Holy Spirits leading.

(for)Faith, Hope, Love, and Thankfulness, that all of these gifts may be renewed and pour out of your believers as we walk daily.

(for)The collection of prayers on the Hearts and Minds of those present and not. Oh God you know what is on our hearts, let us offer everything to You without hesitance.

All: Trust in the LORD with all your heartand lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3, 5-6

These are the prayers we have for our missionary service for todays missionary service. Please pray them with us.

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