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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Chapter the...Rules you hope you never use.

There are rules that your parents had, when you were younger, that they hoped they did not have to use. I guarantee it. There are rules that I put into motion as I entered the classroom that I hoped I would never have to use. Was the matter so large as to merit an entire entry? Perhaps not in the eyes of some, but in my guesstimation, yes I think so. The feelings I have now are mixed between several lines of thought, mostly boardering on the validity of the punishment I proclaimed on the wrongdoer.
I am in the middle of a struggle with myself on whether the punishment was harsh enough? Or too Harsh? After all the perpitrator took the rule into account, then disregarded what I had set in place, and took the offense even beyond what I had even established. By the measure of the rule what she had done deserved a much harder punishment, infact the ultimate punishment was certainly warranted, but when there are tears in the eyes of the one who has done the wrong, and you know that this person is understanding and sorry for their action, do you continue down the path of Righteous Judgement and Punishment, or do you for-fo what is called for by the law and lay an even greater precedent? You know the weight of your guilt and now you are free of it, but not free of the punishment. Was my action the most Christ like? I ask this question not to probe for answers but for myself, to probe my heart.
This seems a whole huge mess, that might prompt an email, or a phone call, or a comment even, but whatever your response know that this issue is past, and I will not dig it up again, the hour has past, and I look forward to the next second of new thoughts and prayers

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  • At 2:35 AM , Blogger erinalter said...

    sometimes you will fail... that is just the way it goes. but it is usually good for you, because it makes you aware of weaknesses you might have been blind to before. and it reminds you again how sweet the love of our Savior is.

  • At 11:28 PM , Blogger visor said...

    Being in a postion of authority, having rules, and being accountable for the implementation of those boundaries is a very hard and at times lonely responsibility. Transgression fortunately causes some regret, sorrow and repentance but it may not excuse them from the consequences of their actions. Those consequences may occur naturally or they can be imposed by some responsible party. My thoughts focus on the Father who held His Son accountable for the transgressions of all. What a lonely moment for the Creator to impose the consequence of sin upon His sinless Son. Had He loved us less, he would have excused His Son and let us pay. Love and wanting the best for someone else makes it possible for us to provide discipline and correction and consequences when required. Grace can forgive the offense and make possible reconciliation, but it does not automatically earse the consequences.


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