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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chapter the Twenty Fourth: Typhoon Central

As New Orleans is dealing with the aftermath of what looked to be a biblical style flood, as well as half of the south, I sit in our den in Taiwan dealing with what is the worst typhoon of the season, there is rain like crazy and a bunch of branches on the ground, some down trees and a little water damage in our place of residence.
I was told by my Dad that I should change the country I am in on my profile to Taiwan, so that no one thinks I am in Africa other than Taiwan. Thanks for the concern Dad, love you...

These are some pictures that I got to take when we had our little outing to Tai Chung this last Monday. The grafitti on the power box is something that I came accross when we were walking down a main street looking for some food to eat. I thought is was pretty funny because some of the group told me it was a strange likeness...

The photo to the right is of a very large department store/mall building which there are several of in Tai Chung. The photo in my last post also was of a large mall building. These buildings are 12 stories plus in most cases, with 3 sub levels of store and then 5 more levels of parking underneath, quite impressive. Taiwan I must say is years ahead of the U.S. as far a mass transit. I cannot wait until there is a train that can make it accross the U.S. from New York to Seattle, or Houston to L.A in 5 hours or so. Travelling would be so much more fun, and you could see the country side, without driving for 30 hours. It would be great...
Just a thought George.

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