I have been absent from this world for a while. I am preparing to leave Missouri and head to Illinois for a year on a vicarage assignment. I am hoping through the nest year I will be more faithful in corresponding what is transpiring in Staunton through this medium.

Monday, August 29, 2005

this is just an insert...

As I sit around with my fellow nerds in our, as a friend put so delicatly, "Nerdular Nerdulance" I cannot help smile adn think we have found a common thread that will bind us to late nights around an Apple Internet Streamer.

Just going...

Straight to Bed.


  • At 3:50 AM , Blogger Anna said...

    I cannot help but concur and say that I also think a common thread has been found... rock on, Team.

  • At 5:23 PM , Blogger Ryan P.T. said...

    It's official:

    You're e-dicted (tm). But it's not too late! You need a dial-up quarantine, stat!


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