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Friday, August 19, 2005

Chapter the? What are we on Now???

I think the most annoying thing that I have found about this place now is the fact that there is the possibility for me to hit my head on just about every door jam in the country I imagine. How will this affect my stay here, I will most certainly have a little more of an arch in my back when I return from always hunching over to get through any door I need to. Other than that the climate is much like a Houston or Southern Florida, pretty much any southern town that is right near the coast, New Orleans would probably be pretty accurate.
Apparently we have been blessed our first day here in Taiwan. How you might ask. We had a blue sky and a great view of the mountains which launch out of the scenery about 60 miles outside of the town we are in. It is absolutly amazing to hear that during the year there are not too many times that you can get a view of one or the other and let alone the two at once. THe main reason is the mix of such high humidity and the close proximity of the Mountains to the coast line and the weather patterns that produces, lots f clouds and drizzly rain a lot of the time. The other is the moderatly high pollution, it is certainly much more than the U.S. because of their lack of certain agencies to govern the way pollutants are emitted into nature, amd their highly expanding population, industry, and non regulated suburban development. Pretty much anyone can build anything wherever they want with little to no regulatory supervision from the governing body of the county they are in or the whole of the country.
What is on the table for today? We are heading to the local Christian Hospital, which is one of the closest and also one of the largest in the area we are in. We have to go and get health checks for the school and also so that we can get national I.D.'s. Then we are going to recieve our Taiwanese names and practice those a little bit. Then finally go to a large Deparment Store that we are told is the equivalent to a Super Walmart, so I should be right at home.
I hope all of yall have a great afternoon and evening in America as I start my day in Taiwan...

Just going...


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