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Monday, April 30, 2007

So the NFL Draft has just concluded and there are two standout teams this year due to their picks and there will be two stand out teams next year when the draft concludes that I already know about.
This year the big winners were Oakland and Cleveland. Cleveland is an obvious winner because not only did they fill a spot on the line with the Big Guy Joe Thomas, but they gave hom someone to protect Brady Quinn. Just let me say that no matter how great Ted Ginn becomes down the road, if ever, he will never pay back dividends like Quinn. To the suprise of the NFL Ohio has become perhaps the most potent football state in the nation with the addition of Quinn to the Browns, it will take 2 years before we see anything from Brady, but that will be enough time for Carson Palmer to get back on the horse.
Next Oakland, not only did they release a cancer to the team in Moss, but they snagged a franchise running back in Michael Bush from the 2nd day. Now, Mike Bush is still recovering from a broken leg, but as McGahee showed us will and hard work can demolish and injury. Boo to Bush's agent for letting him fall so far, but horray for the Raiders for not letting him slip farther than he did. Even though the Raiders have, what should be, a bruising rushing attack with Rhodes and Jordan, this gives Bush a year to fully rehab and strengthen that leg before he is ready to be the new improved Larry Johnson. He is going to outshine JaMarcus Russel when they are working together. This could be an Aikman-Smith combo in 4 or 5 years.

Next Years winners already, New England and Dallas. Somehow these two Super Bowl contending teams will have 2 first round picks in the 2008 draft. Now even if there is not as much talent in the 2008 draft, NFL Managers are basing that a year seperated from when it is. Dallas will get Clevelands first round pick, and no matter what, Cleveland is going to suck in 07-08, the Cowboys are guaranteed a top 5 pick, and then the 24-30th pick, stacked. New England will add 2 more first rounders to top off their two first rounders from thie year, giving the newly equipped Pats even more defensive firepower which is a first round favorite for Belly and the Pats. In 10 years this draft will turn out a Marino and an Elway, an Emmit Smith, and a new Randy Moss.


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