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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter and Baptism

There are two dates on the calendar during the church year here in Taiwan that mean more to me than any other days. Christmas and Easter. Many Christians that read or hear about those dates in congruence with importance would say, "That makes sense."
Here, there are two dates on the calendar during the church year that all of the converst to Christianity are baptized. I will give you two guesses...
Easter {the date} has just passed us. On Easter 4 persons were baptized which is one more person than all of last year was washed. Amazing to see the fruit the spirit provides for human eyes.
The English names of the baptized are Emily, Mikey, Grace, Jasmine.
Jasmine and Grace are students that have had contact with we foreign teachers for several years. They have been taught bible and had contact with all of us daily for the last two years if not more, and most likely more. Mikey has been coming to church and many of the church activities for several years and is a friend of many college aged students in the church already. He had struggled for a long time with the idea of being baptized and leaving his fmaily behind him. Emily is a new teacher at CMS and has been a teacher here as long as I have. Last year I had several conversations with her and many of the other young teachers here about God, Heaven, angels, etc. After a while I heard she was reading the bible with one of the very active and energetic Christian teachers from the school. Now, about one year later she is baptized. These ceratinly are amazing stories. Humans that are leaving what their families have known and practiced for what very well could be a good part of 5000 years. Pray for these new young lives in Christ. Pray that they will not be reverted back to a pagan belief. Or the internigling of the Gospel truth with the ancient practices of this culture.


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